Sunday, June 14, 2009

Check In Checking Out

Hello All,
It has been an extraordinary trip to Juneau. We absolutely had a great time here learned so much from all the dedicated folks in and around this beautiful area. Thanks especially to Theresa and Jeff. You two are amazing. And my personal port hosts (complete with Iowa connection) Bill and Nancy, you two rock! The salmon bake with a fire on their green roof yesterday was a real highlight.

Now on to Dutch Harbor. A long 1000 mile passage through the Gulf of Alaska where two years ago we had 60+ knots and big seas. This will be the first big test of Ocean Watch at sea since Seattle. Please stay tuned to the AtA website; Herb and I will be doing weblogs and updates. I will work on the image library and get that all up and going. We have over a year out here and things are developing as we go, so bear with me and the voyage and it will iron out. Take care out there. Check in soon.

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Deidre said...

a 1000 words in the photo.