Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Melting in the Arctic

There are more disturbing signs that the positive feedback loop is now in "fast forward." Sea ice is dissipating all the way to 90 degrees north, potentially this month yet. Polar bears have been seen swimming far out into the Chukchi Sea looking for an ice edge and food supply which has disappeared. As with last year, a number of small vessels have been moving on through the NW Passage not encountering any ice whatsoever. And the drilling pressure and exploitation of resource issues are mounting.

As we move on into the autumn and political season, it is good to keep in mind the biggest issue facing us on the planet is climate change. It trumps all else and absolutely must be dealt with by the human species. This is a critical time to be involved. Make sure your representatives know how you feel about the issue and vote for the candidates who are taking this issue seriously.